Bimah-small Aron-small

These photos are of the “unfinished” Aron and Bimah. These completely carved, but unstained and un-urethaned carvings were sent to the Wake Forest wood worker who had built the housings for them so that he could stain and finish them to match the rest of the furnishings.

I really like the design of the Bimah. By alternating a positive design (leaf) with a negative one (menorah), the Star of David with the Etz Chaim center jumps right out at you.
The Aron is very traditional. Featuring the Lions of Judah, the 10 commandments and the Keter Torah, many people commented that it looked like it was a hundred year old Aron brought over from the old country. While that was meant as a compliment, it made me think that I need to begin carving modern designs as well as traditional. I am working on a Challah Board for my wife that will be my first foray into modernity.

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