This 6 piece set combines the symbols of traditional Jewish values with communal and personal memory to reflect on the Eternal nature of the Jewish people. The pieces, carved from an unassembled cremation box, are

Front-Star of David with Rosette (Rose of Sharon), Vegetation and 7 Species border.

    Back-Withered Tree with Personal Remembrance and 7 species border.

    Side-Torah Tablets with 10 Commandments, Crown and Flowing Tree of Life border.

    Side- Menorah with Eternal Knot base and Flowing Tree of Life border.

    Top-"Honor Your Father and Mother" (Hebrew) surrounded by Vegetation.

    Bottom-Holocaust Remembrance.

Star of David

Back with Withered Tree

Side with Torah Tablets

Side with Menorah

Top with Honor Your Father & Mother

Bottom-Holocaust Remembrance

Artistic Process Section

Post Holocaust Art


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