The beginning carvings illustrate our story from a Jewish perspective, but the stories are universal.  Our journey begins with

1-Tree of Life (Etz Chaim In Hebrew)

The Tree of Life has universal meanings. Some include:

-the balance between the physical realm we are rooted in and the spiritual realm we are reaching for.

-the interconnectedness of all living things

-our universal connection to the Earth and our dependence on it

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                                2-Revelation (show photo-located in Revelation section on homepage)

- What better place than a Mountain to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual realms. In the Jewish tradition, the Israelites encounter God at Mt. Sinai. Here we are given instructions, such as the 10 Commandments, on how to live in this world in relation to God, ourselves and other human beings.



3-Wisdom of Solomon

The search for meaning in life was not only God centered. There has also been a rich history of righteous men and woman who were respected for their wisdom. The Jewish tradition honors King Solomon.  Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King are examples of more modern leaders.



4-I(saiah) Had A Dream

Apology- When this piece was carved in 2017, All Lives Matter had a different meaning to me. In 2020 I am more sensitive that Black Lives Matter must take center stage! The Carving has been modified for the Pop-Up to reflect this position.
This carving honors both a past and a modern-day righteous person who taught us so much. The Reverend Martin Luther King lived and died for the cause of racial justice and brotherhood in America.   Isaiah prophesied peace among nations, a time when swords shall be turned into plowshares.
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Click here to see the Revered Martin Luther King's "I Had A Dream Speech".
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The name of this 2020 carving and the Pop-Up as well. Before Covid and Black Lives Matter occupied the Media's attention, Bush Fires in Australia, the Burning of the Amazon and Rising Sea levels due to Global Warming were constant headlines. The ravages of Fire and Water on our environment is a central theme of Re-Boot.

Re-Boot is a first for me in many ways.
It is my first abstract carving and it is not religious in nature. It is also my first 3-Dimensional piece which means that it is also my first piece that is carved on both sides. Re-Boot stands at 3 feet by 3 feet by 7 feet and is carved in both leather and bass wood. Also, a first for me.
So many firsts! Such an important message! Black Lives Matter. The Earth Also Matters! T.E.A.M.
Hope we are all on the same TEAM.

6-Abraham's Gifts

This 14-carving leather book illustrates the stories that many of our ancestors told about God as the Creator and then goes onto the Evolution of the 3 Abrahamic Religions. 

Judaism and Christianity are already carved, Islam is not yet carved.
Abraham's Gifts has carvings, but no words. During the Pop-Up I will provide artistic insights into these carvings.

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Religion, as we know it, is undergoing dramatic changes with many people not affiliating with a particular faith or House of Worship. However, Spirituality and the Search for Meaning is growing. Maybe now is the time to re-claim the beautiful parts of our pasts and traditions. To re-invigorate those parts which provided solace to so many of our ancestors and to re-think those parts that caused such pain is indeed a way to Re-Boot.
Please provide words to the carvings if they moved you in any way. Please cut and paste the below onto an email and e-mail them to me.

Cover-Abraham's Gifts-Please provide a subtitle to the story- __________________________________
p.2-God Created-___________________________________________________________________
p.4-Adam and Eve-___________________________________________________________________
p.5-One God-___________________________________________________________________
p.6- Sacrifice-___________________________________________________________________
p.10-Mary's Garden-___________________________________________________________________

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