The Wisdom of King Solomon



This carving flows directly from my Wake Forrest Aron and Bimah experience, which was my first attempt at a large scale carving. I wanted this carving to be large, modern feeling and bold.

Between the Wake Forrest and Solomon carvings, I carved a Challah Board which can be seen on the site. The idea of the Jewish Star border and the grain motif were further developed and utilized in the challah board carving. They also worked well in a larger scale for the Solomon carving representing symbols for the Temple Courtyard and of righteousness.

 The Hebrew writing says Solomon Son of David King of Israel, taken from the first line of Proverbs. Also in Hebrew in the center of the carving is the Name of God.

The stone wall with gates is used for the first time in this carving. It is a motif I have thought about for many years, thinking to use it one day as part of an Old City of Jerusalem carving.

Prior to the carving, I re-read Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, two books attributed to King Solomon. Much of the symbolism and motifs represented come from these two books. I plan to carve King David next as well as additional commissioned pieces.

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