In the Beginning

The carving, like the Torah, begins with Breisheet, the Hebrew word for “In the Beginning” . Next comes the middle words in the Torah, Derosh- derash,  and finally  the last word of the Torah,  “Israel”. Between the words are water and fire motifs reflecting the creation of the Torah.

God Remembers the Jewish People

This second section is divided into top (ears ad eyes) and sections and is the companion panel to the fourth panels. They are the same design, but this panel is carved in the positive while the fourth is carved in the negative. These panels are a reflection on both the world that our senses perceive as well as the world that they do not.


The Burning Bush

This central panel is also divided into two sections. The top section is bordered with “Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh”, the name God reveals to Moses at the Burning Bush. (Exodus 3.14). The center of this top panel represents God as the Creator of the Universe. The sides of this top panel represent God in particular relationship to the Jewish People.

The lower section illustrates the Burning Bush story and includes flames, vegetation, Moses’ sandals and Mt. Horeb.


Moses, Slow of Speech. Pharaoh, Hardening of Heart.

This panel is the negative design of the second panel. The top section is lips and heart.


Seven Species

This last panel, attached to the left Etz Chiam, is the Seven Species, which represents the Land of Israel. Please see the Seven Species section of this site for further information.



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