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Chip carving is a traditional form of carving that has existed for centuries. It derives its name from the technique of removing chips of wood from the wood’s surface with a hand held knife, thus creating designs.

Jewish chip carving, as practiced by Harvey Paris, is distinctive. Schooled by Wayne Barton, North America’s preeminent chip carver, Paris utilizes traditional time honored chip carving techniques, but applies them to traditional Jewish themes, symbols and motifs. In this manner he has created a unique contemporary Jewish carving style.

About the Artist

In addition to being an artist, Harvey Paris is a Jewish Communal Service Professional, working for Jewish Family Service Agencies for the past 40 years. Both his professional and artistic involvement reflect his commitment and love for Judaism and the Jewish people. Paris chose chip carving as his artistic expression because of his attraction to wood and the simplicity and portability of an art needing only one hand held knife.

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eMail: harvey@jfsct.org

Phone: 203-209-2068

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